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What is The Difference Between Gout And Arthritis?

What is the main difference(s) between Gout and Arthritis? My late father had Gout, which mainly affected his knees, and was always getting grouchy when people claimed he was arthritic, saying it was totally different.

So, as his 27 year old son, I am concerned that I am going to get it, or already have gout. Bearing in mind that my father never drank port, or any of the other cliches, any suggestions as to how I could put it off as long as possible?

The above question was asked to us and I thought it will be good and answer it here:

What actually is gout?

Gout is fluid retention around joints. Arthritis is caused by degeneration of joints. So Uric Acid is what causes gout. Purines metabolize into uric acid. Foods that are high in purines include meat and fish. A study was actually conducted by Choi (im not really sure who this is but im sure you can dig a little deeper) which showed that meat purines put us at a larger risk for gout where vegetable purines don't have any effect on our risk.

My Uncle's gout story
An Uncle (by marriage) had gout. It would swell up in his feet and some days he had to stay in bed because it was so bad. He came from a well-to-do family, so it may have something to do with it. He ate and drank well all his life, and loved kidneys, oxtail, pigs trotters etc. If you refrain from doing what my Uncle did, you should be OK.

So What's the difference between gout and arthritis?

Arthritis is the cartilage wearing away. A lot of people have it, and they mostly have it in their arms, though some have it in their legs.

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. There are many different kinds. Gout on the other hand is a specific kind of arthritis in which uric acid builds up in the joints. It can be excruciatingly painful. It is often but not always linked to diet (alcohol, oily fish, organ meats, high fat foods); sometimes a person has naturally high uric acid levels or has a problem eliminating them from their system. It can be inherited and men are more likely to be afflicted than females. These days it is usually well-controlled by medication. You may be able to prevent gout by avoiding alcohol, drinking lots of fluids and eating a low purine diet.

Oh how I hate gout! One effective treatment I have found is taking Allopurinol from the doctor. I take it through the flare up and for a couple of months after. Once clear, I put the rx down and just focus on my diet and exercise. As time goes by, eventually I will feel the first signs of its return, usually years later, and I start the allopurinol again for another couple of months. Aside from this, I am still to find a home remedy that works 100%, however you can try the 7 remedies recommended in the guide below.

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