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Drugs, Herbs And Home Treaments For Gout - How Helpful Are Home Remedies For Gout?

I have gout and i was wondering how effective home remedies are in relieving inflammation caused by gout? If you have gout and have tried some effective home remedies that worked for you, maybe you could pass on that experience to me?

The above question was asked to us and I thought it will be good and answer it here:

Gout feels like someone took a hammer to your foot or like razors are slashing you or your foot is broken. I am extremely into herbs and natural treatments but have not found a gout remedy..of course lack of funds keeps me from buying/trying too much

I saw some ads and sites online that may or may not work for treating or reducing the pain caused by gout. I do not and have not taken any prescription or over the counter drugs for anything except maybe dental work/infection and if I go to hospital, but I do take cochicine and am grateful to have it. I have a little stockpile in case something happens and I can't get more. out
Drug details for Allopurinol

Drug details for Allopurinol after a neighbor told me of her side effects. So far to first sign I take a .6 mg cochicine and maybe one or two more that day. Within 2 or at most 3 days it is gone for some months and then returns. I cannot stand the pain and figure several tablets a year should not hurt me much. They just stopped making it but have a generic they now use that pharmacist says is the same drug

I once in great while take ibuprofen if I get an attack. Scared to take too much as said drugs caused permanent kidney damage in my mom and she had to go on dialysis which increased her risk of heart attacks greatly,. She never had any heart disease in about 77 years and in a year on dialysis had 9 in two years the last killing her (well really the hospital did with a drug they told me would kill here as they sent her to the palliative unit despite her doing better) but I am scared to wind up in her plight.

But I do take these two drugs on a very occasionally basis. Sometime allopathic is a great help but I really limit it whenever possible. There may well be something as effective but I have not had the money to try much but I am happy with the cochicine. It is a miracle worker for me in this instance.

A lot of people like numeric for inflammation. I do eat a pretty strong alkaline diet as already mentioned above being a vegan about 18 months and eating 50% raw and about 80-85% produce on most days but noticed no reduction in gout attacks. Once I messed up at a buffet and had quite a bit of meat and got an attack soon after; however, I also got them when eating vegan, no alcohol etc

I have read cherries and cherry juice help. My doctor said it had to be sour cherry but my research said any kind. I have some concentrate in the fridge and shelf but I always forget to use it when I need to.

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Drugs And Herbs And Home Treaments For Gout

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