Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Foods Can You Eat When You Have Gout? - Best Gout Diet

My husband has gout too and all the research I have found tells you what NOT to eat but nothing tells you what would be good to eat to try to help prevent future attacks. There is one site from England that you have to pay to be a member and she swears that If you join, she will tell you recipes and things that will help, but I refuse to pay her huge fee to get very little.

She has a "free" e-mail that she will send and I got on that list for a while, but it gave you NOTHING for any tips or information and every time that you click on something to learn the magic answer, it directed you to her pay pal site so you could pay her annual fee to join her club. With her being off shore, you have no recourse if you are scammed. I did not fall for it or pay for it.

I have been asking and researching all over and so far the only thing I have found that people agree on is tart cherry juice to help prevent attacks. Several say that if you start your day with a glass of tart cherry juice, that it will help to prevent attacks. If an attack happens, they say that if you drink more tart cherry juice, it will help to get rid of the attack quicker than without it. The problem is that I can't get my husband to even drink one glass of it, not even once to give it a shot. He is so stubborn!

My next door neighbor is a biology professor and he has tried to find some more information on what can be eaten and even he hasn't been able to find much on the subject.

Stay away from a lot of proteins like red meats. Pork and Beef seem to hit my husband hard.

Turkey and chicken are better. We try to have at least one night a week without meat at all. One of our favorites is spaghetti. I dice up zucchini chunks into the sauce to give it more substance and it is really pretty good. I have read on a few lists that mushrooms will trigger a flare up, so I don't add any extra to the sauce.

He likes to take ramen noodles to work for his lunch. I have not seen these on any list so I assume they are ok. We will sometimes have them for dinner too with some shredded cabbage, carrots, zucchini, and any leftover chicken or turkey.
Turkey bacon is pretty good and we use ground turkey in things like spaghetti sauce and lasagna.

Gout is no laughing matter. It really is very painful. They are not just being babies when they complain about it.

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What Foods Can You Eat When You Have Gout

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