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Gout All About Food, Sometimes It Is But Most It Isn't - Side Effects Of Indomyacin For Treatment Of Gout

Everyone Thinks Gout Is All About Food, Sometimes Diet Is To Blame. Most Times It Isn't . Gout is most often caused by genetic problems, but can also be: environmental (too much iron, lead and other metals in the blood); medical side-effects from surgery or diuretic drugs; and health effects of other conditions including cancer and kidney disease. Diet will have little effect on fixing these, but even if it did, you cannot simply look at lists of foods.

There is no such thing as good foods for gout, because you have to look at total food intake. Avoiding one food group, or relying on another, will only lead to a poorly balanced diet. Bad diet will usually make gout worse, and can also cause other health problems. By all means, use food lists to analyze what your father already eats, then look for improvements. But begin with Dad, not lists.

B's point about expensive forums is good, but she hasn't looked far enough. The one I run is free, it has nothing to sell you, but it has lots of gout sufferers who actually care that you get the best for your father.

To manage gout properly, you must have a good plan.

Get information first - height, weight, uric acid level in the blood, current diet, etc.

Outline objectives - what is target uric acid, is weight loss necessary?

Uric acid crystals - plan how to get rid of them (medicine, diet or a combination of both)

Tend - continue to look after uric acid levels forever.

Only when you have a plan like that, does food make sense. Fortunately, there are many people around who can help you get the plan first and then make sense of food and medication.

What are the side effects of indomyacin for treatment of gout?

I have a friend that has gout and is worried about the medication side effects, does anyone know the negative effects?

The above question was asked to us and I thought it will be good and answer it here:

I'm assuming you're talking about indomethacin, brand name (Indocin), a common treatment for gout. Think of indomethacin as a beefed up version of ibuprofen or Motrin. It is in the same class of medications.

That said, it's side effects mimc ibuprofen, but seem to be a little stronger. The most common side effect is upset stomach or heartburn - if this happens you can counteract this with an antacid like maalox or Tums. Sometimes, people say it can cause a little dizziness. So for the first few times, stay away from driving until you can assess it's effect on you.

You also shouldn't take indomethacin if you have kidney problems.

It's usually a very well tolerated medication, and you won't have to take it too long to get over the gout flare. If indomethacin doesn't do the trick, there are alternative treatments.

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Is Gout All About Food?

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